IN THE WHALE is an award-winning feature-length film about arguably the greatest fish story ever told, though this one is true. It’s the account of a man who survived to tell the tale of being swallowed by a whale, and what happened after he was spit out. The 81-minute film premiered in the fall of 2023 at the New Hampshire Film Festival, where it won the Audience Choice Award. It also won Best New England Film at the Mystic Film Festival. See more about the film here.

ENTANGLED is a feature-length film about how climate change has accelerated a collision between one of the world’s most endangered species, North America’s most valuable fishery, and a federal agency mandated to protect both. The film chronicles the efforts to protect North Atlantic right whales from extinction, the impacts of those efforts on the lobster industry, and how NOAA Fisheries has struggled to balance the vying interests. The film, which was backed by the Pulitzer Center and the LEF Foundation, premiered at the Woods Hole Film Festival in July 2020 and was featured at nearly a dozen festivals. It won a 2020 Jackson Wild award, known as the Oscars of nature films, and won Best Feature Film at the International Wildlife Film Festival and the Water Docs Film Festival. It also won Best Conservation Film at the International Ocean Film Festival and the Mystic Film Festival. The film also received the John de Graaf Environmental Filmmaking Award at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and the Director's Vision Award at the Blue Water Film Festival. It was broadcast nationally on PBS’s World Channel on Earth Day in 2021. It's being distributed by CuriosityStream, Bullfrog Films, and Magnify Media. Watch the film here.

GLADESMEN: The Last of the Sawgrass Cowboys is an award-winning, feature-length documentary about the federal government’s ban on Florida’s iconic airboats in much of the Everglades. The measure is part of the world's largest effort to repair a damaged ecosystem, a vast river of grass that has been ravaged by more than a century of development, pollution, and other environmental degradation. The outcome will determine the future of the region's water supply, and its ability to withstand rising sea levels. It may also lead to the demise of the Gladesmen. The film won the Knight Foundation's Made in Miami Award at the 2018 Miami Film Festival. Watch the film here.

LOBSTER WAR: The Fight Over the World's Richest Fishing Grounds is a feature-length film about a climate-fueled conflict between the United States and Canada over waters that both countries have claimed since the end of the Revolutionary War. The disputed 277 square miles of sea known as the Gray Zone were traditionally fished by US lobstermen. But as the Gulf of Maine has warmed faster than nearly any other body of water on the planet, the area’s previously modest lobster population has surged. As a result, Canadians have begun to assert their sovereignty, warring with the Americans to claim the bounty. The film premiered at the 2018 International Maritime Film Festival, where a jury selected it as the runner-up for the grand prize for Best Feature Film. It has since been picked up by about a dozen film festivals, including the 2018 Mystic Film Festival, where it won an award for Best New England Film. Watch the film here.

SACRED COD: The Fight to Save America's Oldest Fishery is a feature-length documentary that look at the collapse of the historic cod population in New England, delving into the role of overfishing, the impact of climate change, the effect of government policies on fishermen and the fish, and the prospect of a region built on cod having no cod left to harvest. The film premiered at the Camden International Film Festival and was broadcast on the Discovery Channel in 2017. Watch the film here.

UNDAUNTED: Chasing History at the Boston Marathon is a feature film about the comeback of one unique runner as well as a city that came together to rally against terror: At 2:49 p.m. on April 15, 2013, Juli Windsor was less than a mile away from completing a lifelong quest to become the first dwarf to finish the Boston Marathon. The bombings that day transformed her triumph into horror. Juli and thousands of runners were turned back before crossing the finish line. She vowed to run again the next year. It would be a chance at redemption as much as making history. The film was broadcast on BBC World News and the Discovery Life Channel in the spring of 2015. Watch the film here.